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10 Minute Mail and It’s Top 9 Alternatives (Updated 2020)

10-minute mail is one of the most popular disposable mail providers on the internet. It will give you a new temporary mail wherever you will open any new website. And this temporary mail will sustain up to 10 minutes only. 

10 Minute Mail is mainly a secured temporary email-service that allows the users to use a private email address. 10 minute Mail is the safest and secure way that one can get. No one else can see the email that you will receive in the inbox.  In case, if you don’t want to use the 10-minute mail, there are several alternatives to it. 

9 Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

Most of the temporary mail sites do not stay forever. This happens because of the vast availability of other alternatives to such temporary email platforms. And many of these sites get blocked after a certain period. Therefore, finding suitable alternatives to 10minute mail is necessary because of its timeout issue. So if you are looking for a second option, then we are mentioning some of it for you. 


This site can be an alternative to 10-minute mail. You can get a disposable mail ID for free through Mailinator. This user-interface site is a little bit similar to 10-minute mail. But Mailinator provides more time (an hour) to the users to their temporary mail services. 

Besides, setting up and opening an account on this site is quite an easy task. You just ended to login into the website of Mailinator to avail of the service for free. The users just need to keep one thing in mind that when they are accessing the mail from this site, it is entirely visible to the other users. The users can only receive emails through this site but can’t reply to that. 

Guerrilla Mail

This site is the most used and renowned website compared to 10-minute mail. It serves a lot of features to the users in terms of privacy and protection. Besides, the user interface of this site is easy-to-use and ad-free. Guerrilla permits access to the users to use the temporary email on any website. This site will be helpful to the users to save the mail from unwanted malware attacks and spam. Moreover, this site is accessible for any tech-savvy persons. 


Another suitable alternative for 10-minute mail can be the Maildrop website. If you are searching for an email provider website to safeguard the emails, then you should consider Maildrop for yourself. You don’t have to provide any personal information on the use-to-navigate website. This is one of the best temporary email platforms that enhance the security of the users. You Just need to get into the website with the right mail Id to access the website. Additionally, you can use this email address in every email platform. 

Fake Mail Generator

As it is prominent by its name, this site promotes the users to generate fake emails. Its unique features make this site different from the other mail provider sites. Users can easily create temporary mail through the fake email. Generator site. You just need to switch to another website where you want to get the email with the email ID. Besides, the users can access several email addresses through this site. 

Temp Mail

 Next comes temp mail that can be an ideal alternative to 10 Minute mail. It provides temporary mails for a short period. You can generate temporary mails for free through this site. The users don’t have to sign in to this site. You don’t have to create an account to generate the emails.

 All you just need to do is, open any web browser and search for temp mail. You will be directly prompted to the home page of the temp mail. When the time will get over, the mail that you have created will vanish. The temporary mails will be inaccessible after a certain time so you can create another mail for your use in such cases. 


If you are looking for a super simple website from which you can create disposable emails easily, then getting airmail can be the best option for you. The user interface of this site is easy to handle and smooth which makes it more accessible. In just one tap you can create disposable emails from getting airmail. The user just needs to log on to the official website and then tap on the “Get Temporary Email” button to start the process. For providing security and other features, get airmail is mostly known. Besides, the user can even get an option to change the disposable mail and put their preferable address in the mail section. 


One of the best alternatives to 10-minute mails can be the Bouncr. The users can easily create disposable emails through this online website. Bouncr is different from all the above-mentioned email creating sites. To access the emails from this site. You just need to first sign in with the right credentials. 

As soon as you sign up using the correct Email Address to get into the site, you will be able to create an email Id. Users just need to follow the link that is provided on this online website.  You can edit, check or delete the recent creed email address. You can use the mail that you have created on this site on every site. 


This email service provider can be considered as the best when it comes to protecting the mails from spam or threats.  Users can create as many email IDs as they want. You can create a separate email Id for each and everyone in your contact list. All the created Emails Ids will be sent in your real email address. 

And if you notice that any of the recently created emails are spam, you need to deselect that immediately. As it can affect the device. Once you are done with deleting the email, create a new mail instead. All the emails that you will create here will be like this ‘username.e4ward.com”. You can send an email from this site without even revealing your real email ID. 

Incognito Mail

This online mail creating site gives access to the users to register on other sites without using your real Email Id. Instead, the user can create a safe, anonymous, temporary and as well, as disposable email actress via Incognito mail. The created mail will stay for only 60 minutes. After that, the disposable mail will get deleted from the site. 

And 60 minutes is more than enough to get emails that contain verification links. Activation link or download link. But the only thing about these disposable mails is that you have to reply within 60 minutes once you receive any email. Once the time gets over, you won’t be able to access any of the emails or links that you have received from other users.