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Know 10 Most Annoying Magento Issues That Can Ruin Your Web Store

Magento is actually an e-commerce solution using which you can build your own online store. This is one of the most fastest-growing, powerful and flexible e-commerce platform used nowadays. As this software is very professional, it is used by a large number of professionals and even by large companies. 

Usually, there are three solutions that Magento offers. These three are the Enterprise Edition, the Community Editon and the Magento Go Edition. But developers come across some common problems which are not tough enough to tackle if you know the right path. Some of the problems might be difficult to solve. 

In case, you are aware of the solutions, then you can easily identify recurring errors that most of the Magento developers confronted. Therefore, here we are going to describe the most common issues and it’s effective solutions as well.

10 Major Ecommerce Designing Mistakes That Most Developers Confronted:

Now, let’s discuss what are the problems that the developers might encounter while developing an e-commerce store.

Problem # 1: Configuring Magento with a New Domain

The first problem that most of the developers face is configuring Magento with a new domain. Basically, when Magento is already configured with a particular domain and you want to change it to another one, you might come across certain problems. You need to know the proper procedure to change the domain.

There are two methods available to configure the Magento store with the new one. The very first is move to the MySQL Manager and then select the Database option.

Thereafter, locate the table which is known as core_config_data and select it. Presently, you will find seeweb/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url entries in that table.

After that, change the old domain name and enter the new domain name. Now, click on the Go button to change the domain name.

Clear Magento Cache

You can solve any problems simply by clearing the Magento cache. You will find the cache folder in the Magento root directory. After that, move to the var section and then go to the Cache folder. Thereafter, clear the cache and remove the folder.

Next, navigate to the Magento Admin System and then click on the Cache Management section to clear all the caches. In this way, you can solve the problem that you may encounter while configuring a new domain.

Problem # 2: Magento 2 Reset Admin Password

Another frequently occurring problem is related to the security of the Magento. We are talking about the Admin password of the Magento 2. Sometimes, you might forget the Magento password, and want to reset the password. But while changing the password, you might encounter certain problems.

If you want a quick and easy way to reset the password, then move to the phpMyAdmin or MySQL Manager section. Now, select the Magento Database and locate the admin_user table.

Thereafter, select the old password and replace it with the new password. In this way, you can avoid such a problem.

Problem # 3: Speed Up Magento

You need to turn on the Magneto Compilation function in order to speed up the Magento store. Due to this, the performance increases between 25% to 50% while loading any pages. Thus, turn on the Magento compilation from the Magento Admin section. Then move to the System section. After that, move to the System section and then select the Tools option. Now, click on the Compilation section.

At last, press the Run Compilation Process to speed up the Magento store. You should remember that the hosting solution provider plays a substantial part. It decides the speed of the Magento store. 

Hence, you need to choose a service provider that can serve you a seamless performance of a Magento store.

Problem # 4: Turn On Search Engine Friendly URLs in Magento

It is a very easy task to turn on the search engine friendly URL in the Magento e-commerce solution. The only thing that you need to do is log in to the Magento admin and then move to the System section. After that, click on the Configuration tab which is available on the left side of the system screen.

After that, select the Search Engine Optimization tab and then turn on the Use Web Server Rewrites and mark the box as ‘Yes’. Thereafter, click on the Save Config button and then now, the Magento SEF URLs will be turned on.

Problem # 5: Redirect Magento to Open Through WWW

You can redirect the visitors to begin the Magento store through the www. This can be only used for SEO and usability purposes. This is very easy to do in Magneto.

Problem # 6: Upgrade the Website on a Regular Basis

While setting up the new Magneto store, developers try to apply the best design and techniques for the website. But it is essential to improve the new features on time. And for that, you need to upgrade the website on a regular basis to add new features.

Problem # 7: Set up a Blog in Magento

Another problem that you might encounter is setting up a blog in Magento. Sometimes, it is challenging to set up a blog in Magento. You can do it with the help of Customer Extention.

Problem # 8: Add a Contact Us form in Magneto

Contact Us feature is an in-built functionality. This page usually shows in the folder of the Magento store. Therefore, you can add a contact from any page that you can want.

Problem # 9: Solve Access Denied Issue

Another problem that most of the developers encounter is Access Denied issues. Due to the Magento Admin, the page will not open. In such a case, you need to log out from the account and log in again and then reset the Magento admin privilege.

Problem # 10: Set a Custom Users Group

You might get an error while setting up a custom group in Magento. It is a very easy and quick process to do. Simply move to the Customers section and then move to the Customer Group tab. After that, click on the Add New Customer Group section to add a custom user group.

Final Thought

No matter how advanced technology is, everything cannot be flawless. No applications are error-free. However, the arising problem in Magento can be resolved with appropriate solutions. Here, in this post, we have listed down the top 10 common issues that most of the developers encounter and the most feasible solutions to overcome them.