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10 Digital Marketing Steps for Christmas Campaigns

Since we have already stepped into November, Christmas bells are ringing. And with Christmas, the holiday spirit spreads! This is the perfect occasion for the retailers as it is the time with market blooms. This is the best festive period, and sellers, especially those who have an online presence, prepare their strategies to maximize sales. 

Let’s have a look at top digital marketing tips and tricks to stay ahead during this festive season and make the best of it – 

  • Plan Things in Advance – This is one of the best ways to understand if the odds are in your favor or not. Plan as early as possible, the best time is to begin at least three months in advance. There’s no such thing as overnight success. People buy gifts or play special days with family’s months before. Your blog posts, marketing emails, or even sales tweets must begin at least three months prior to the holiday season. That’s also the perfect way to make people excited and geared up for the upcoming time. 

  • Video always works – As per thinkwithgoogle.com, Christmas video ads received an alarming boost of 3000% compared to previous years. This indicates that customers prefer videos, and thus if you can create a good-quality video, then there are maximum chances that you might be able to tap the right set of audience. But don’t forget that editing also plays a crucial role here. And thus, video editing players like InVideo might work well in favor of you

  • Say Yes to Ad Extensions – Most of us ignore this, but you can get a good number of customers from ad extensions. Some of the important features like site links, call extensions, and review extensions, even if you are regular with these features. You also need to revisit and design some attractive Christmas templates that will attract users to your store. 

  • Ad Automation – One of the vital ways to bank holiday sales is ad automation. In simplest terms, ad automation means beginning with an ad at the onset of the holiday period, like for Christmas, let’ say in November, then gets repeated at fixed time intervals maybe every 15 days, and then ends by the New year time. With ad automation. Your customers will regularly receive communication about your offers and what’s in store. These 15 days, a time gap will allow them time to check the store may be digitally or physically, and sit back and decide what they should buy. But the catch is if it’s automatic, then make sure that you disable it when you no longer require it. 

  • Irresistible Offers – Festive season is also the mad shopping time. And thus it completely depends on you how you play this time. The perfect way is to get some irresistible offers and discounts which the customers will find quite hard to miss. For example, go for a free shipping offer or buy 1 get 2 offer. And it’s essential to publicize these offers carefully. Spreading your offers through your digital marketing campaigns will get you more audience. 

  • Play with the time Game – Sense of urgency always works well during the festive time. Online retailers are known to ring in the festivals early with their advance offers and discounts. And thus, when you use tags like “Buy before Monday to avail 50% discount,” it will bring lots of festive cheers and sales. 

  • Time to Switch on your Mobile – Today, marketing needs to be in sync with your mobile. Most people will be interested in your offers or viewing your brand from your smartphones, as it’s easy. So, make sure that your website, emails, and anything else is entirely in sync with the mobile and adheres to the mobile ratio.

  • Remarketing – This is one of the most effective tools of marketing, which allows you to grab a good market in a much negotiable price bracket. Remarketing, as goes by the name, is the tool where you can use your previous year’s marketing skills this year too. This is mostly relevant during the festive period. If everything remains the same, then you can bank on again on the previous year’s customers. Maybe the customers who bought from you last year are ready to buy again. And thus, without coming up with any new marketing strategies, just by using the previous year’s marketing tips, you can grab a good sales volume. 

  • Time to reward – Reward works every time. And since it’s the festive time, it’s your responsibility too to spread a smile. Make sure that every purchase a customer makes from you gives him/her cash backs or maybe additional offers for another month. A customer can also earn some loyalty points this way, which can be further used for a longer time. This ensures your customers keep coming back.

  • Festive SEO – You might be amazed to read this, but this is seen working quite widely. Having a dedicated festive SEO is a sure-shot way to attract some eyeballs. Most of the retail shoppers who have an online presence create a separate section on their website dedicated to holiday madness. And thus, you can create an entirely separate category where only the Christmas goodies will be displayed. This enables the customers to easily locate what they are looking for and can lead to successful sales. 


Conclusion –

Time to incorporate more Santa and holiday cheer in your campaigns. This festive season doesn’t think only about the sales but also about gifts and rewards. This is the best way to bring in new customers and make loyal customers too. 

Make sure that your website is Christmas-ready with lots of festival colors and all that glitz and glam. Above given are some tips and tricks that will make you Christmas ready; you can use InVideo to create fabulous Christmas themes videos for your digital presence. 

InVideo gives a professional video with a few simple clicks because of its library full of templates and user-friendly interface. Let us know in the comments down below if you have implemented any of these or if you want to add any more to the list. We love hearing back from you.