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How To Use IP Address To Login Into Telkom And D-Link Router? is an IP address that is specifically used by the business within their private network. Such routers use the IP address as their primary IP address for default gateway login and assign 10.0.02 as the subnet for their customers. The IP address becomes the default gateway for login purposes for some of the brands like Micronet, Edimax, Siemens. 

A subnet is considered as a subdivision of the IP network. It helps the users to avoid any network problems and make the facility ease for communication inside the network. To run a business smoothly, it is required to set a huge network. That’s why routers of such places use the IP address as their default gateway that is configured so that a subnet supports a customer IP address starting with 

What is Router Login Used for? can be used for several purposes. They are: 

IP QoS: 

It can help you to set the bandwidth for your computer so that you can avoid heavy load easily. 

Proxy and DNS Settings: 

Proxy is like a medium that helps the users to connect two endpoint devices. DNS applies to the computer that turns a domain name into the machine-readable address. 


WPS or Wi-Fi protection system as you say is a standard that helps the users to make the broadcast connection efficient, secure, and faster. 

MAC Address:

It gives a unique IP address to the hardware devices that are connected to each other in the same network. 

WLAN, LAN, & WAN Settings:

It allows you to configure various types of area-based network. Here you can use the DNS to set up the security settings. 


DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol allows the server to allocate a separate IP address in a subsequent manner by itself. 


PPPoE or Point-to-Point is a protocol that helps the user to build a stable and strong connection between the internet and DSL. 

[Note: The admin page allows you to access the password and username of Wi-Fi and router.] 

How to Access the Admin Login Page?

Check out the below steps to access the network settings: 

  • First of all, open your favored browser on the computer. Then, type “” in the address bar and hit the Enter from the keyboard to continue. 
  • It will navigate you to the ‘’ login page of the router. 
  • Now, you will get the options to enter the login credentials. 
  • Once you log into the router, you will find the network settings of the router. 

In some specific models of the router, there are also some possibilities that you may not be prompted to provide the login credentials. In that case, it will redirect you to the configuration settings page. 

What to do if you Forgot the Password? 

If you have written the password somewhere and you can find that document, then you can perform a force restart of the router to configure the device to its factory settings. 

How to Reset the Password of a Wireless Router? 

First and foremost, check the Reset button on the modem and take a pin or paper clip. Press the Reset button by using a pin or paper clip and hold it for at least 22-30 seconds. It will reset the device. Now, you will be able to log into the device with the help of the default login credentials of the device. 

If you never change the default login credentials of your router, then you can find out the default password and username from the below table. Else, you can contact the Internet Service Provider to know the login credentials. 

List of the Default Username and Password

Router Name Model Admin Name Password Device Type
BEC 7300 GT Manual admin admin modem
Edimax AR-7064Sg+A admin epicrouter
Belkin P74476au admin password
Fu Chan FC-AL2011PW admin epicrouter access point
Billion 7000 admin epicrouter
Billion 7000 admin epicrouter
Fu Chan FC-AL2014PW admin epicrouter access point
Celeno VXT1300 Manual access point,bridge
Gemtek WHRTC-100GW admin admin router
JAHT WAM-4054P admin epicrouter modem
TRENDnet TPL-111BR Manual admin admin wireless router
WebExcel PT-3808 admin epicrouter
WebExcel PT-3812 admin epicrouter
Well Communications AWR-8210 Manual admin epicrouter access point,dsl modem
Zoom 5590 Manual admin zoomadsl modem
Zoom 5590C Manual admin zoomadsl wireless router,dsl modem


Username Password
Netgear Login admin epicrouter
Aztech Login admin epicrouter
D-Link Login admin admin

Login Steps for the Telkom Router

To log into the Telkom router, you can perform the steps as follows: 

  • First, open a web browser and type “” in the address bar. 
  • Afterward, enter the password and username of your router. 
  • Tap on the ‘Login’ button to open the Network Settings of the router.  

Telkom Wi-Fi Password Forgot

Telkom routers are mostly used in small offices and homes. A router has default gateway IP address to log in and access the network settings, but if you are a Telkom router, then you have to access it using the IP address 

Several Telkom router users often complain that they have forgotten the password of the Telkom router. If you are also on the same list, then either you can change the default login credentials of the router or you can perform a reset of the device. Press the Reset button and then hold it for a few a minimum of 22-30 seconds to reset the router. 

How to Change the Default Password and Login?

To change the default password and login of the Telkom router, you can have a look at the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Open a Browser

First of all, open a web browser on the system and then type “” in the address bar. 

Step 2: Provide the Login Credentials 

Enter the default password and username on the login page. For this router, the default login credentials are: 

  • Password: admin
  • Username: Keep the Username field blank.


Step 3: Set Password and Username

As it is easy to get the default login credentials, it also easy to access the router for any third-party users. Hence, the first thing is to set a strong password and username. Try to use alphabets, numeric, and special characters to set a strong password. 

Example of Password: ibdePixyal@5693, #ijhk25463#%$rf

Step 4: Set a Unique SSID

If you left the SSID or Service Set Identifier unchanged, then anyone will be able to guess and access the network settings of the router. Hence, to secure the router, you can change the SSID unique like Focvahdajkdb or MRSA&mrKghyrtyt

Step 5: Update the Security Settings

Now, navigate to the Security tab of the admin tool. Then, check the ‘WPA2-PSK encryption’ box as the current industry-standard encryption of the router. 

How to Reset the Password of a Telkom Router? 

To reset a Telkom router, you can take a quick glance at the steps mentioned below: 

  1. First, press the Reset button using a pointed clip and hold it for at least 22-30 seconds. 
  2. Release the clip and the router will be configured to its default network settings. 

Some Common Problems and their Solutions: FAQs

Nowadays, users face several problems while using the Telkom and D-Link router. Here in this section, we are about to discuss some common problems and how to get rid of them. 

Can’t Access from ADSL Router

In the beginning, you can check if you are entering the correct IP address or not. Below is a list of some of the most usable routers and their IP address: 


D-Link, 0.30, 0.50, 1.1,
Linksys, 1.1
Motorola, 20.1, 30.1, 62.1, 100.1, 102.1, 1.254
Netgear, 0.227
Trendnet, 1.1, 2.1, 10.1,
U.S.Robotics, 2.1, 123.254
Zyxel, 2.1, 4.1, 10.1, 1.254,, 0.138 is not Working/Loading

First, confirm that you are entering the correct IP address to access the admin tool of the router. If you see that the IP address is correct, then there might be possibilities that 

  • There are some problems with the connection between the computer and the router. Hence, make sure that the cables and wires are connected properly. 
  • If nothing helps, then you can perform a reset of the router. Then, start the process once again from the beginning. 

[Note: is the wrong IP address. Hence, you have to ensure that you are not adding an extra 0 with the IP address.]

How to Change the Password of a D-Link Router?  

You can change the password of your D-Link router by following the steps given below: 

Step 1 

To change the password of the router, first, open the Network Settings page. To do this, open a web browser on your computer. Then type “” in the address bar. If it doesn’t help, then type “https://dlinkrouter.local” or “https://dlinkrouter” in the address bar and hit Enter to proceed.   

Step 2 

For the D-Link router, the Username is ‘admin’ and the password is not assigned, so you can leave the Password field blank. Afterward, click on the Login button to proceed further. 

Step 3 

Now, it will navigate you to the Settings page. Go to the upper left pane of the screen and click on the SETUP tab. Thereafter, tap on the ‘Wireless Settings’ option from the left pane of the next screen. 

Step 4 

Go to the bottom of the next page and click on the ‘Manual broadcast network setup’ option. Afterward, scroll down the page and go to the ‘Wireless Security Mode’ option. Navigate to the ‘Pre-shared key’ category.  

Step 5 

Now, go to the ‘Wireless Security Mode’ section and turn the WPA2 security On. Then, create a strong password. Make sure that the password you have created contains alphanumeric and special characters and strong enough. Afterward, tap on the ‘Save Settings’ button to apply the changes. 

Now, you know the default gateway IP of the router. Type “https://(default IP address of the router)” in the address bar of the router. It will navigate you to the login page of the router. If you face any problems while applying these steps, then you can share that in the comment section given at the end of this post. not Responding: Unable to Log into the Admin Settings

Several users often mistype the IP address and become unable to get the admin settings page. At this time, they often face the error “web page not responding.” First, you can check if you type the correct IP address. Afterward, you can perform the steps as follows: 

For Windows OS: 

Windows users can follow the steps listed below to get rid of this problem: 

  • First of all, open the Run command box by pressing the R and Windows key both at the same time from the keyboard. 
  • Afterward, type “command prompt” in the Run box and hit the Enter key to proceed. 
  • Once the Command Prompt windows open, type “IPconfig” in the command line. Then, press Enter to execute the command. 
  • As a result, it will show the default IP address of the router where you will get the option to try logging in once again. 

For macOS: 

If you are a macOS user, then you can follow the below steps to solve this problem: 

  1. First, navigate to the Start menu or press the Spacebar and Command key simultaneously from the keyboard. 
  2. Afterward, type “terminal” in the input field.
  3. Type “IPconfig” in the terminal window. 

If you face any problem while performing the above steps on your Mac device, then you can go through the steps stated below: 

  1. Go to the Taskbar and open the Apple logo. 
  2. Tap on the ‘System Preferences’ option and then search for the Network option. 
  3. As a result, it will show the default IP address of your router under the ‘Status: Connected’ section. 

After knowing the default IP address, you can go to “https://(default IP) or DNS (if this the default IP address of your router). Hit the Enter key. It will navigate you to the login page of the router as expected.